because i have to

because i have to face my great fear of making a blog,

because i have to stop being fickle-minded, and refrain from deleting posts (or accounts),

because i have to channel my thoughts into something readable (?), as a senior Organizational Communication student,

because i have to make this sem extra-happyer, and see this blog as a de-stressor (even if i’m not sure if it should be destressor),

because i have to prove to myself that i can manage my time well (hello, extracurriculars!),

because i have to comply to our OrCom 152 (Communication Trends and Styles) class requirements,

because this theme does not support menus for me to write something “about me” ,

i have to introduce myself. :-S

my fear of blogging can not be overemphasized. and if i were only speaking, at this point in my entry, i am now stuttering.

heee. although if you can see me now, i am actually half smiling because finally, i have a reason to blog and at the back of my mind, i kind of want to be a writer. HA :p


i’ll find a theme that supports menus so i can place an irreplaceable “about me”😉

  1. Paula Bianca batalla said:

    Hey baby sister! I’m in the process of revamping my blogs (both Blogger and WP) and I’m sure to link this blog of yours when I’m done! Yipee!

    Fear of blogging? Hello?! have I told you how much I enjoy reading your food blog? HAHA

    Your header is soo cute. So colorful! Just like you!

    Oh well. I shall check this blog regularly and comment like crazy! HAHA
    Goodluck! IMYSM!

    • hellooo ms pea!!! i’ll link you too once your done and once i know how HAHA.

      really? :> baka you enjoyed Mina’s part, not my part :)))))

      i love you! haha. i hope i don’t disappoint the readers (if there will be any, aside from you bec you love me) of this blog!o yes!😀❤

      • Paula Bianca batalla said:

        I’m not sure if it’s the same as before. God knows how long it’s been since I last checked my comm blog. But it’s easy to link blogs. Sa WP dashboard, there’s add link or something. And then it will appear na sa sideboard mo🙂

        And trust me, you’ll not disappoint your readers. And ALSO, you’ll always have readers y’know. Especially of your batchmates insist that you comment on each others blogs, just like what we did. Symbiosis! Ha!

    • barrycade said:

      nice to hear from you again, paula!🙂 please come again and share your wisdom with the new batch of seniors. wisdom daw o! LOL😉

  2. Ceejae said:

    Hello Prez! Nice introduction😛 I think you have nothing to worry about, though! I know you’re a busy person so you won’t run out of things to share😉

    Anyway I’ll be “stalking” you here from now on.😛 I know I’ll learn a thing or two from my master-slash-president. :)) Uyyy pressured! Joke🙂 See you tomorrow for ORCOMSOC duties! >:D< Goodnight🙂

    • naaaamaaaan. i might even make a blog entry dedicated to you. hahaha :)) okay, i hope you learn GOOD things from me O:) aaack. see you pretty girl!😉

  3. Why are you afraid of blogging? E hs pa lang tayo may blog ka na alam ko e hahaha

    • OO nga. pero iba naman yun hahaha. saka nonsense lang lahat ng posts ko dun. :))))

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