If you’re not as cute as Baby James…

read on. But if you are, which I highly doubt, read on still.😀

The Internet is a double-edged sword. Yes? Yes.

For one, it allows individuals to create their own niche in the connected world. It allows organizations to thrive into communities of their consumers and enables them to listen to what their market and competitors  have to say online. It makes organizations know the digital habits of their market and potential customers. It empowers organizations to build relationships with practically everyone online.

Now that platforms for digital marketing are everywhere, organizations can communicate effectively more than ever with their consumers.  It’s just like how we are to our friends- we ask them their opinions on our clothes, on our image, on our secrets- before our dirty issues leak to gossipers.

The only difference with communicating with our peers from online communication is that the latter actually involves the critics as well, but only more collaborative this time. Gossipers are not the enemies now, they are sources of good insights that can  largely contribute to the success of these organizations.

And it is not only through these online platforms that organizations can actually get information from everyone. Tracking conversations about them is easy sinceword of mouth is now a public conversation, carried in blog comments and customer reviews.”Chris Anderson, Wired Editor.

On the other edge…

While organizations learn about these conversations and once they decide to involve themselves in these conversations (and by involved I mean actually learn and apply these ideas) the content that they will publish online becomes representative of the identity of the organization as a whole. No matter who the voice was behind the comment, it will still be taken by the audience as the opinion coming from the organization.

Remember the Baby James’ “scandal” during the campaign season?

He is one young Aquino, nevertheless, he still is from the Aquinos.

Although he is forgiven for he is cute and cool (well at least that’s what I think), once it is online, it stays forever. So if we don’t roll like how Baby James does, despite the strong calls for transparency and openness, organizations (and everyone online for that matter) must filter,filter,filter everything before hitting that publish button.

“Social media is becoming part of who we are. It’s a way to communicate with our customers more effectively. And that lasts forever. It is not going away.” – Bob Pearson, VP for Communities and Conversations, Dell

  1. oryeeeel said:

    “filter,filter,filter everything before hitting that publish button” — AMEN!🙂

    Hi Ellis! I really enjoy reading your posts. Ayiii! GO BABY JAMES!! :))

    • Baby James: the next Aquino President! hahahaha🙂 Aww Iehlee, Thanks :’)

  2. Ria said:

    “… despite the strong calls for transparency and openness, organizations (and everyone online for that matter) must filter,filter,filter everything before hitting that publish button.”

    True that! I agree with you. For organizations, especially, to keep a good reputation and relationship with their participants.

    Applicable to the maintenance of the SNS of OrComSoc! Haha! Great post, Miss Prez!🙂

  3. Poor Baby James, he is so young yet has has already acquired a kinda bad digital reputation. His mistakes are already being judged and taken against him. It’s sooooo sad.

    Still, I agree with you, we all have to think twice before hitting the publish button (and it’s not just about grammatical and spelling mistakes, haha! :D), we have sit back and think of what kind of impact, what cues, and what hidden meanings can be posssibly be gotten from what we post online. What does it say about us?

    Like you said, stuff like these will stick with us forever.

    p.s. I like the line, “Gossipers are not the enemies now, they are sources of good insights that can largely contribute to the success of these organizations.” I’m so happy… Hahahaha! >:)

  4. juolpindo said:

    I agree with you. We really have to craft our messages very well, read and think not just one, twice, or thrice, but many times. As we carry the name of the organization we belong in, we should be careful of every information or statement that we say and publish over the internet. As future orcom practitioners, it is in our hands to influence or rather educate other people and spread the culture of carefully crafting our messages and targeting a niche audience rather than a mass type of audience.

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