oh miss michelle

just last week, in preparation for major, major changes in our lives, we welcomed michelle.

now who is michelle? she’s the our new kasambahay-slash-yaya of baby ayel (my pretty,uber awesome niece – well, at least according to her mother). i mistook her for an “ate” and i later on learned that she’s only my age, even 3 months younger but she already has a family of her own back in the province. anyway. this isn’t about her life and history but how hard she has worked made me laugh these past few days.

okay. since we’re not really close yet, cause she’s new, and the last time we’ve had a kasambay…ack. i think i was still in grade school then? or it was during the early parts of high school pa because y’know, we’re all grown ups here. *looks away*

anyhoo. yeah back to what i was saying…i’m not complaining about her work. really. she cooks pretty well, is pretty neat and finds me pretty. echos.

baby marielle seems to like the way she carries her so…i’m not complaining.

as a matter of fact, i am amused. ha ha ha.

michelle, when my mother’s not around, she likes to sit on the couch and watch TV. she is usually quiet, but i guess she’s starting to feel at home.

just today (i mean the other day, because i wrote this the other day but i’m only publishing this today), while i was busy with what else but the internet she suddenly turned the TV off and shouted “WALANG KWENTA!”🙂 i giggled to myself because she kind of scared me and i didn’t want to intimidate her. then she went on lying on the couch, texting.

okay, i have nothing against that. because if i were in her place i probably would be facebooking anyway. thank the gods she doesn’t know how to facebook…yet.

half an hour later i asked her what it’d be like a month from now? she’d probably be twice as bored since she’d only be left with the baby (my brother and sister are both working), she said it was okay, and i jokingly told her that maybe she’s planning on going back to the province already to which she laughed and said “oo nga eh!”

then i went upstairs to my mom(uuuy, bati na ata kami) and she followed me and i told my mom “mommy oh…si ate michelle ano…” and she was quick to hit (for lack of a better word, read: binatukan) my head. my mom, who was then ironing my dad’s clothes, told her that it was her turn to iron. again, she was quick to complain about how humid it was. she answered back with “ay ate ang init naman eh!” while lying on the bed behind my mom. still not satisfied, she added “sige ate panuorin na lang kita!” and my mom being a good sport, said “sige ha ako na lang po madame.” afterwards she ran downstairs and i heard the TV went on.

i love her.❤


will post a picture once we’re closer (i’ll ask for her permission, k)

think yaya&angelina (only that she’s both.wehehe)


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