mapali keni


did you know that i was born in San Fernando, Pampanga? okay, if you do then…okay. if you don’t, then now you do. bahaha.

anyhoo. today we went to Pampanga to buy pasalubong and it’ll probably take another decade before i can go back (insert a teardrop here).

where else to buy? siyempre sa Pampanga’s Best!

contrary to popular belief (or is it just me?), they also sell a whole lot of other products aside from their wonderful meat products (read: ham & tocino). yeah, i’m talking about egg cracklets, otap, broas, dried melon seeds, pastillas, polvoron, pinipig, sweet tamarind, araro, casoy tarts, apas, cashew, tostadong mamon, merengue…and turrones de casoy among many others.

and guess what? they’re selling my ultimate favorite (although i have a lot of favorites, i just like saying “ultimate favorite” heehee)…sylvanas!!!

90 pesos for 24 pcs (not sure though! wehehe) which makes a piece= around 4 pesos only as compared to the usual ~25 peso sylvanas, hello Brownies Unlimited and Red Ribbon and Razon’s! so guess what? hindi siya masarap. eeek.

although it’s not really from Pampanga’s Best. they’re just a distributor of a bakery named Delia’s. so next time you go there, better not buy this. but the other products we bought were good like their araro (which i do not have a picture of).

afterwards, we went to Sylvia’s! :p a Pampanga trip will never be complete without eating at this place

that is, if you’re craving for Salpicao!

siyempre wala pa ring tatalo sa Everybody’s. but we didn’t go there. hehe. we ended up passing along st Catherine street, where i did not grow up…

…but where i played my first-ever patintero as a salingkitkit


“…and the next time we hang out, i will redeem myself” (a la miley cyrus. LOL).


okay, back to eating…


my niece says hello!

  1. Gel said:

    I haven’t tried eating at Everybody’s but I hear they serve great food. Wala ba kaming pasalubong? :(( Hahaha.

  2. that! that is a good question. *escapes*

  3. maricel doce said:

    I’m looking for a supplier of sylvanas pastries. How can avail and how much? Tnx po

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