How I Met Your Father

Dear You,

You don’t know me. I don’t know you either. But yesterday, I met your father. He told me things about you that I bet you would’ve wanted to hear. Not all fathers choose to accept what their sons choose for themselves and I know that you know it, too.

He told me you were on the other side of the world in the arms of another man (his eyes flickered as he told me this) and I thought I saw pain in his eyes for a while. As he went on, I felt content and happiness in his tone- no what ifs. And though hesitant, he told me good things about him, too.

We didn’t have the chance to talk any longer, he may not remember me as you would not even probably meet me in this lifetime… but I hope that when you talk to strangers about your father, your eyes will flicker like his, pain and pride unkept.🙂

(not so) Secretly hoping every father’s like yours,



So how did i meet your father?

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