are everywhere in my life right now. after 25 days (wow, such a @#$@#% number), i’ve been finally able to open my blog. teehee!

so what’s up duck?

well, there are a few things that make me happy such as:

1. i finally got that freaking fb chat archive thingy i’ve been trying to figure out ages ago. which apparently just comes to you at the right time. good things come to those who wait. or so they say.

2. i’ve been able to retrieve reset my password here after tons of tries. so here i go blogging again. oh wait, didn’t i just mention that? oops.

3. i have such a wonderful family i’m beginning to wonder why on earth am i a part of it? HAHAHA JUST KIDDING

but still there are more uncertainties like

1. when am i going to get a job?

2. when will i get my license (if i’ll pass both written and behind-the-wheels)?

3. and if i finally do WHERE WILL I GET those wheels? hohoho

4. when will i be able to buy my own house? (REALLY)

5. get married?

okay that’s about it. oh riiiight.

here are more:

6. is there an easier way to organize your lists on twitter?

7. when will i be able to organize my fb messages? (yeah i keep wanting more)..


that’s all folks! (as if i have readers *fishing*)

at wits’ end,


  1. ellissy said:

    oh yes! it’s so tedious (an understatement, even) to click them one by one😐

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