on smoking

the other night (or was it the other?), my aunt and my dad were talking about some health concerns…

aunt: oo kasi di ba tayo naninigarilyo tayong tatlo nung bata pa tayo.
daddy: oo nga eh
aunt: oo masarap kasi eh. ikaw ba trin (ME)? natry mo na?
me: uhm lahat po ng friends ko nagyoyosi… O:)
daddy: si khite ba malakas manigarilyo?
me: ngayon ngayon na lang yun…
mommy: ang malakas di ba si pam?
me: opo pati si angel.

at the back of my mind: BAHAHAHAHAHA

just earlier, my lola  who sadly has Alzheimer’s, was talking to me about how she used to smoke  (oh right. it runs in the family)

me: did you smoke when you were young ‘la?
lola: of course i did!
me: when did you start?
lola: when i was just 13!
me: oh wow! why did you stop?
lola: no reason. i just did.
me: there was no reason? really?!
lola: i got fed up. that’s it.
me: when did you stop?
lola: no. i did not stop.
me: huh? eh you just said you stopped (?!?!?!)
lola: occasionally i still smoke.
me: really? does aunt nette allow you? she doesn’t get mad?
lola: yeah. i smoke whenever i feel like it!
me: oh wow. where do you get your cigarettes?
lola: i buy them from the store!
me: when was the last time you smoked?
lola: stop asking me questions let’s just walk.

she seldom talks and when she does, oh boy is she full of wit. my blog entry did not do her justice! :s but still…

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