i love pretty girls and i love to eat.

girl crush number 1.

i’m not a fan of her writing nor am i gay, and have nothing against them, kay? :p

but…it’s just that whenever i go online i can’t help but visit this girl’s sites.

i love how she goes to gigs and spins too, how flat her tummy is, how artsy she seems to be, how indie she used to be is.
how her name is my favorite (isabella). i am amused at how often her nickname is misspelled, and i love how it’s after a car. although she’s now on showbizzz, dont really care. heck. i just hope she doesnt go too far like marc abaya (whom i used to stalk. ajejeje. TYVM).

anyhoops. DANG IT she’s single again!!!

*sings* if i were a boy…

i super love her tattoos too, and how gwapo&superhot his brother is among many others.

+practically anywhere online. youtube, vimeo, etc etc
1 comment
  1. kaya pala humahawt lalo si ate! deym! :))

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