so far

so good (?) i don’t know. but maybe, since i’m doing okay only still without a job and a life plan (which i guess a lot of people don’t have either so…)


things i’ve observed after 25 days here in the us of a:

1. Filipinos are BETTER drivers. period. discipline is another story. eek

2. the only difference (for me, okay?) between here and the Philippines is that this place is a lot cleaner and people are disciplined (oops, hasty generalization!)

3. i didn’t say the other one’s better over the other though, it’s just how we can appreciate different places🙂 traveling (or so they say) is the best teacher. or was it experience? eek

4. it’s kind of lonely here. in the Philippines when i go walking around 2ish am, there are still people walking. i mean, what’re people doing?! they’re always outside over there. *insert teardrops here*

5. which i really, really miss. i’ve discovered i’m just really not the type of person who can live with the “chill” lifestyle. ya know? brr. i want it busy and moving!!!

6. i look young. thank you.

7. which is a good thing? or not. since i’m looking for a job and i’m always mistaken for a 15 yr old! one woman even said i looked younger than her daughter (who was THIRTEEN!) oh geez.

8. should i wear makeup? hahaha

9. i should stop blogging this way huh.

10. what’s the Tagalog for bienvenido/welcome? eek

11. my newest favorite game is “spot the Filipino”

12. or figure out what language that is.

13. there are days when you’d think that it’s really better on the other side.

14. we want what we don’t have.

15. is it doing what you love? or loving what you do so you can do what you love?

16. geez. some people actually do forget where they come from.

17. i’m kind of pissed when some people who’ve stayed here for so long talk abt how great it is here and how it isn’t there, brr.

18. hello, the Philippines has waaaaaaaay nicer malls and stuff.

19. i’m so thankful i don’t deal with these kinds of Filipinos everyday.😀

20. but waaaaaay nicer malls don’t change the fact that people here can follow rules!

21. which can be good.

22. but breaking the rules can be a lot better

23. at times…

24. it’s so hard to make these 25.

25. so i’ll end it here.


how on earth did PNE and kamikazee (by some kind of fate) land on azusa? *insert stalking skills here*


i like typing *insert something here*


the end.





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