5 days to a month

5 days til the 13th. oh man.

girl crush (read:super duper crush) # 2: sarah meier, the only girl who (for me) could pull off the word “dope” and still look girly,hiphop,boheme,&sensitive all at the same time. aaaah. @.@ i don’t find her hot, but she sure is “dope.”

wait. what how do i imagine looking senstive? hmm. don’t know either. something like fragile. but fierce.

ultimate (then) stalkee: marc abaya

favorite band (one of the many): kjwan

this video::❤

watching it on mute though. will wait til tomorrow just because. i’m pretty sure it’s dope though. i miss watching kjwan’s gigs. they’ll be on guijo on the 17th. aaaah.


SAD? this one’s for ya🙂




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