taking advantage

you remember when the hype about taking pictures started over at Multiply? it was when people were crazy bringing their cameras everyfreakinplace they go to *guilty til now* and capture every possible moment there is within that day then post tons of pictures. well, it isn’t such a bad thing, i guess… until even pictures of dirty plates and napkins were posted. oh man.

but, wouldn’t you think that it’s just being grateful of what you experience? it can be once in a lifetime or it’s such a great thing that you’d like to capture it and foreverize it through a photo? ugh. it’s like taking your sweet time, appreciating everything so that you can go back and look at them…oh, you know what i mean.

but, you don’t want to feel that feeling whenever you’re in a buffet, and you want to get all your money’s worth + more so you eat more than you can chew (lack of a better phrase) and end up despising what you did because you’re just so full and regret going there in the first place. and think, hey, it’s a buffet, i’m supposed to eat all i can! when really, it’s all about eating with many choices. arrr.

that’s how i usually feel after one.😐 eep.

my 5th (?) buffet in 3 weeks

that’s what i get for eating too much. anyway, another point is yesterday we (the same people in the above photo) went to Disneyland. OKAY. they were so used to it because they’re annual pass holders meaning they can go anytime they want within a year. as for me, it was my first time!!! and Disney’s Disney (plainly speaking, i bet Eya would disagree on this- but that’s worth discussing on another entry), every child has got to see it at some point in their lives.

so before we left for Disney everyone was telling me to take pictures and bring a camera because these kids were there so often that they wouldn’t take any more pictures like i would’ve wanted to. and there i was, awkward and thinking, should i take pictures of all of these things? they’re so beautiful. aaaah. i don’t want to get used to it- Disney and beautiful things in general.

world of color🙂

oh man. it was such a day. i didn’t take lots of pictures because i know i’d be back. and fast.

i now have an annual pass too! yaahoooo.

thankful for the lovely things,

lovely girl (blog ko to bakit ba),




photo credits: Claire Villaroman

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