if only

no. this isn’t a mushy post, nor is it another movie-related post. or i take that back. it can be mushy. well, however you please.

remember my other post? i am not sure if i had clearly expressed my point but to rub it in: i don’t want to get used to beautiful things. that’s how we are! *bangs head on the wall* we take things for granted. we seldom appreciate what we can see on a daily basis thinking they’re always there. nothing to lose. it’s like that necklace we really wanted and saved up for so long but once we have it in our hands we misplace it. or that may be just me. regardless, you don’t want to be me right?

if you want something make it happen. which is why i’m ranting right now because there are a lot of things i can’t do anymore  for now. because i am away from my beloved Philippines.😥 which if you come to think of, defeats the whole purpose of this entry because why can’t i take advantage of my current situation right instead of ranting…oh well, as my favorite line goes, it deserves another entry.

we’re getting to my point. what i’m trying to say is…i’m making

a list of things i would have been doing if i were in the Philippines:

1. visit Ilocos again with my blockmates OrCom2011 loves!🙂

sometime 2007

2. go to more gigs, or did i mention that already? hrhrhr and check out HandleBar!🙂

Polaris St🙂

if you frequent Guijo/B-Side/19 East, try Handle too! Will not disappoint!!!

3. cheap RH outside Guijo (Php25)

L-R: angel, dre, kits, & a girl (sometime 2010)

or if i didn’t have any money to spend… might as well:

4. join a contest by doing something i love (blogging— CHAROT)

juicy ideas? aaarr. if only i can. who knows? i might just win all those prizes which could never top being a featured photographer/blogger for 3 awesome months!!! (not mentioning getting my butt lined up with their bloggers BNO, Saab – to name a few) aah.

5. have a random afternoon sa Luneta

L-R: patty, gj, a girl & zid, sometime 2009 (?)

i can’t just sit and smile miles away knowing that i couldve been to more gigs, provinces, random places in the Philippines before i left (because i’ve yet to determine my flight back as i am very unemployed and have no means of buying a ticket)…or say, joining a contest.

missing out on these 5 things (but hopeful you’ll do some of ’em),

ellissy ♥


OH WELL. more to come for sure. just random thoughts from the other side of the world where it’s always 15 hours ago.

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