because my life’s going too fast (or too slow), either way, i thought about pausing (from all the job hunt—heeheehee) and taking my not-s0-sweet time to appreciate things. since i’ve been feeling mostly down these days, i’m listing 5 things i should be grateful for (which if one supposedly did everyday is the key to a happier life and more successful life forever and ever).

1. being able to spend time with my lola (and basically all my other relatives whom i haven’t seen for quite a while).

she used to come home to the PI every so often when i was younger  but since she acquired Alzheimer’s, you know what happened.

2. learning how to drive (my dad’s car)

3.  seeing Shamu, witnessing great bond between people & animals …

…which doesn’t necessarily mean that i agree that people should train animals for show, but well i’m guilty of enjoying :O

4. my lovely blanket!

which feels like fur🙂 so it reminds me of my miming (RIP dearest cat)😀


for keeping my friends Angel & Kits awake all the freakin’ time! HAHAHAHAHA >:)

come to think of it, it isn’t so hard to put this list up! i’ve even more but i just said 5, so there you go…



i tried so hard to be happy

but something goes wrong once again… 

    • ellissy said:

      uyyyyy. thanks kins! i miss you too, see you here!😉

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