always there when you ping

Ever since I’ve been away from my dear home (which obviously has been my sentiment in my recent posts, pardon me), people (myself included) have been asking me how it felt to be in a foreign place, in a strange country which has been unknown to me for the past two decades of my existence.

Though I am not ready yet to disclose (?) my entire feelings about this change, as  emphasized by my not having a despedida and not telling all my friends that I was leaving…I am sharing one reason why that was so.


I knew that I was flying half a world away (yikes), but it didn’t exactly feel like leaving. Sometimes Most times it strikes me after dark, that lonely, lonely feeling and I’ve nothing left to do but let those tears out until my eyes can cry no more. Anyhoo, they say it’s all about perspective and choice (which isn’t always the case with my life), but pondering upon that really makes sense (which i bet i am not making right now bahaha).

no time for time gaps🙂

My first ever fb video chat with Mina!

Thanks to Facebook, but more thanks to Skype now for very recently partnering with them!😀 Some tweets on my timeline actually found this fb video chat “redundant” probably because of the all too many other chat apps available but i’m not complaining! I’m sure the next thing I know is that Facebook’s going to be my homepage. Thank the universe for technology! Needless to say I don’t really feel left out as I always hang out with my friends…virtually.


Another SNS! WHOA! I’ve yet to experience this though, because I’m waiting for your invite! Teehee. It’s🙂


Because my usual days are composed of the internet, and more internet, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that I stumble upon that job so I could start living…you know, outside this screen.

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