one too many

At some point in everybody’s lives, they want to clean up. Okay, I should start using “I” instead of “they.” So here goes… I want to clean up my files, among many other messy things, say my Social Networking Sites. Eeek. I don’t even remember all of them! Argh. I don’t even remember some of my passwords (different accounts=different passwords)!:/

I will probably do a lot of resetting later. Oh well. But what brings me to this post is that I should really be thinking of SNS that I want to keep. Last year, in an effort to be knowledgeable of new Social Media sites, I joined a lot of them- from blog platforms to social bookmarks. As fate would have it, I ended up with inactive accounts that just cluttered the web more.

1. There was a time when I became so annoyed with a senseless video of me hanging around the web which I uploaded out of boredom only to realize later that I do not want it anywhere near anyone on the web. Good thing I was able to delete it a year later when my friend stumbled upon it on Google. Whew.

2. I had different platforms for my blogs/online ramblings for the sake of having a URL on that domain (Tumblr, Blogspot, WeHeartIt etc) like I was knocked out of my senses since I used them for the same purpose. I was just plainly reposting things on Tumblr so I went ahead and deleted it. I still maintain my WeHeartIt account for moments when I feel girly. :”>

3. Though I’ve long accepted the fact that people will always leave (for something better, probably), I’m still saddened by sudden population drops in old networking sites leading to drastic changes. I used to have a Friendster account and an active Multiply account but meh, I guess I just have to count my remaining days on Facebook until I have to make another one…(or didn’t I just make a Google+?)

4. Speaking of Google+, will it be another Google wave?  I don’t see the need really to put up another SNS. Since it’s features to me are quite (if not very) similar to those of Facebook’s. I’m not hearing noise from my account yet. It’s so quiet. And so is my password. Gah.

5. But I’m not liking the noise from Facebook anymore either. I’m tired of clutter. Fan pages for anyone and anything? Ugh, I’m not a fan. They should probably limit who can put up pages. While at it, might as well limit unnecessary changes!

6. Really immature usernames. Hey, I was once in high school okay? And I ended up junking accounts and emails with words like princess, glam, and whatever I thought were cool usernames back then. Forgive me. I’m sticking to my name from now on.* If you’re creating a username, think of your future employers.

That’s about it. Therefore, I realized I should only open accounts which isn’t just fun but relevant and useful to me and my networks as well because I don’t want the web to be like my files- lots of folders, some of which I haven’t opened for months already, some of which I’m not probably aware of anymore. You probably should, too.🙂


* subject to change

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