So you think you can tweet?

4, 620 tweets ago, I joined the Twitterverse with the intent of being knowledgeable with the then-latest and of course, following celebrities. I didn’t really care about what my rants tweets were, if i really tweeted enough, as long as my favorite influencers had public accounts. I was happy with that.


Last Thursday I started my PR Internship and to make my 1st day more exciting we attended the Collective Influence Thought Leadership Panel 

aka the pre-launch of PeopleBrowsr‘s Kred, which allowed me to learn more about online influence and outreach.

If you have been tweeting say, since 2006, you probably know what Klout is. For those who don’t, worry not.

Since when did I become influential about Video??

Klout measures your True Reach or how many people you influence, your Amplification or how much you inflluence them and your Network Impact or the influence of your network. Your Klout score can range from 1-100, which is again, depending on your influence.

So what?

So every time you check in on your Klout, it gives you your Score Analysis based on those three mentioned above. It enables you to see your scores for different days, as well as your respective True Reach, Amplification, and Network Impact scores. On top of that, it tells you what your personal approach is based on these.

Aren't we all? :O

These questions are what Klout’s next-door neighbor (true story), Kred, should be able to answer. Kred calculates your Influence or the ability to persuade others to take action, and your Outreach or generosity through interaction with community content. Simply put, your influence increases when someone retweets, @replies or follows you in the same manner that your outreach increases when you retweet, @reply, or follow someone or a list.

What’s great about this is that it doesn’t just give you a mere number but real-time calculations with your activity statements.

Kred also allows you to see your Friends’ Activity Statement depending on their selected  Privacy Setting through which they can opt for a Public, Anonymous, Private or an Invisible action statement. Aside from this, you also get to explore Community Kred, which allows you to know more about Influence and Outreach leaders and members on certain interests.

Be the first to tweet interesting content!

I can talk more about the other features of Kred such as how its Analytics show how your influence and outreach have changed overtime, times when you get the most replies and retweets, your follower growth, and frequently used words, @names and hashtags through the Word Cloud but wouldn’t it be better if you tried that for yourself? :p

Be the first to spread your Kred!

Get your own invite at Kred, and tell me if you are a bit skeptical about their Offline Activity Statement too. Don’t have a brand? Well, your brand is you! Tools like these are designed to give us a better online experience and are meant to be enjoyed while they’re free.😉

Though, really, these tools are just there to help us improve. The first (and most important) step is to post content that is relevant to us and our networks.🙂 Who knows, that product you’ve been tweeting about might just be at your doorstep tomorrow! Happy tweeting!

  1. Please tweet about me then hopefully I will arrive in your doorstep! HAHAHA! IMEESYOU! :*

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