Oh, sembreak!

Sembreak. Sembreak. Sem. Break. Break. BREAK! A BREAK!!!

It’s something I have always looked forward to…as a student. Though it slightly breaks my heart that I can no longer be officially excited about this, I’m thankful that I don’t have to dread the day when November slowly comes to its senses to take my lazy days away! Ha!

Looking back, there were some things I wish I did when I still had the chance to do so… in other words, I wished I’ve done some things differently when I was still studying.


I wish I have taken notes from all my classes…and from all the seminars I’ve attended. 

I’m not one who usually takes notes, and trust me, if I do… that either means:

a. The class is by a strict(ish) professor who truly shares a lot of lessons (literally) that they come out in exams almost in verbatim so everyone’s taking darn notes and it’d be a shame if I didn’t or…

b. OMYFREAKING FREAK. This class is so boring I might as well start sleeping but I’d be easily seen so hola, notes doodles (with my seatmate, of course)!

I wish I didn’t procrastinate. Or settled for mediocre presentations/reports/projects. Or.. or. Oh well! At least I had fun procrastinating. Plus, who doesn’t? >:p But still.

I wish I’ve done more internships! Of course I enjoyed my summer internship over at BBDO Proximity and learned a lot! Not to mention I got to share the “workload” with 2 of my college bffs

*winkwinkAngel & Kits but I really wish I could’ve done more since our internship with Prox gave us a month more to enjoy our summer vacation. I wish I spent my other summer vacations doing internships and learning from professionals from different fields. Brrr.

I wish I volunteered more. Although I did volunteer as a tutor during my freshman year at Tahanan Outreach Projects & Services,Inc (TOPS), a temporary shelter for kids, I wish I could’ve served longer. It’s always a blessing to be part of someone else’s life even in a small way, and I know I wasn’t the perfect volunteer but I still wish that I have done more volunteer work when I was in college. It’s the most rewarding, learning experience I could ever think of.

Having fun with the kids (sometime 2007)

But, to be completely fair to myself (ha!), there were a lot of things I glad I did.🙂

I’m glad I joined was active in a lot of organizations. I’m glad to have been a part of organizations which organized wonderful events (hello, bias) from seminars, conferences, to parties. Truly, one can never learn everything inside the classroom!

Organizational Communication Society's Executive Committee, AY 2010-2011

I’m glad that through these organizations, I was able to meet a lot of people from other schools! It’s always fun to extend your network(s) and go out of your way sometimes to meet other people’s schedules (for meetings), get a taste of their culture (ehem, school pride), and just be able to brainstorm with people you haven’t known that well…yet. It takes a lot of courage but trust me it’s worth it!

The Metro Manila Alliance of Communication Students' (MACS, an alliance among 8 universities in MNL) 1st meeting ever

I’m glad I attended events (even those which weren’t organized by my orgs), and wasn’t one of those people who thought that “going home late” or “not having enough time for homework+studying” were enough reason to ditch “events without substance” aka “parties.” All work and no play… you know what I mean. Plus, you’ll learn life-saving skills such as time management. Word.

I’m glad I dormed. I mean, I wasn’t glad that I was away from my mom’s meals (well, I was somehow glad I didn’t have to always ask permission…hihi), but every dormer would agree with me that this is one of the best ways to learn how to be by yourself– manage your money, limit yourself on certain things, cook for yourself (or not), clean after your mess (laundry, dishes, and whatnot), etc. And also, you’ll appreciate how much time you save!!! FYI, I didn’t dorm until my last year in college, which meant that  for 3+ years I’ve traveled for 2 hours (if it rained- 3 hrs) to get to my school and another 2 hours to get back to my house!

Moving out day...

I’m glad I tutored as a part-time job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the most diligent person in the world and there were times I wished I slept instead, but I’m glad that I was able to converse with Japanese students as an English tutor. I’m glad I was able to earn some money but more than that I’m glad I’ve gained friends from Japan! Most of them are professionals already so I really learn a lot from them, too. I’m just thankful that though I don’t tutor anymore, I still get to talk with some of them! Teehee!


So, do you want to do something different this sembreak?🙂 That is, if you’re lucky to be on one! Ha! :p

  1. Gel said:

    Nakakasenti toooo.

    • ellissy said:

      ❤ di pa nga todo yan eh.😥 #emo

  2. KC said:

    Bakit walang “I’m glad I took my thesis class under the most notorious professor?”😛
    IMY Ellis and Angel!❤

    • ellissy said:

      Oh yeah! I’ll include that in my future “dear young me”-ish post :p IMY too, kace!!

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