It’s been a while since I blogged about food! If by any chance you know that I used to blog about food with a really good friend, well, I’m taking a stab at it…again.🙂

Earlier my new found friend Nicole and I spent some time wifi-ing at YakiniQ! Cafe, a Korean Cafe in Japantown! Heehee. I Googled what “Yakini” means in English, and I found out that it means “truth”

…in African! I like that.🙂


Would you believe that I only met her last week? Yes! Right. Last week. She’s bestfriends (college) with one of my bestfriends (high school), and our common bestfriend gave us each other’s numbers! Voila, social life!🙂

I’m not sure how this sounds to you, but to me, it sounds perfect! It’s GREAT! Being away from your world can really take its toll on you most times, and most times I’d love to say that challenging is an understatement for people like me- away from home, out of my comfort zone, learning about life across the globe. It’s just great that the universe has a way of making things happen. I’m glad that I’ve found someone in the same predicament as I am, I don’t mean this in a sad way, but you know what I mean! Aaaa, i’m overflowing with excitement.🙂

Asians. Asians.

YakiniQ Cafe counter🙂

My eyes immediately lit up upon seeing the place. I love it! It’s relaxed, neat, and quiet. I’d say it’s perfect for studying…and webcamming. Yes, I Skyped with a good friend from VA for a good 30 minutes. I don’t have a picture though.😦 In other news, that goes to show that their wifi’s great too! It’s not busy, the music was fine, and the place just looked so cozy. ☺

more of YakiniQ Cafe

cheesecake & peppermint mocha

My dinner was okay, I’d say that their cheesecake looks better than it tastes! That’s not a bad thing though, because I have a really, really sweet tooth. So I guess that for most of you you’ll love the right hint of sweetness in both their cheesecake and peppermint mocha. I was hoping for a more minty mocha though, but the fact that it was served in an unusual cup (which clearly is a bowl to me) made me focus on how to drink it right than to actually enjoy it.

If I go here enough, I'd someday be posted on their wall too. I just know it.

Still I’d say that their coffee’s the right blend for me! (Clue: my favorite cup is Starbucks’ white chocolate mocha- the sweetest available.) Hee. I wish they had pasta though!😦 I wasn’t able to take pictures of Nicole’s dinner but she had a sandwich and said it was good! I know we’re coming back for sure! Maybe next time we’ll try their restaurant. I’ll let you know!🙂


PS These past few weeks my aunt and I have spent our Sundays looking for furniture, and I started daydreaming about my future house. I think that I’m getting pretty excited about chairs, and YakiniQ Cafe had different chairs all around! Our table had four different chairs. #justsaying. Anyhoo, I’m sharing this with you:

what would be my first Thomasville chair in the future

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