I have come across a video which talks about storytelling. I’d rather not put the video here, because it was merely a play with typography. Nevertheless, the words are strong. It’s one about storytelling after all.

On the other hand, might as well link it than transcribe it.

on Storytelling

And I quote: “A lot of people never get past that phase. A lot of people at that point, they quit.”

Which brings me to ponder upon these thoughts (redundant, eh?)

1. You know what your taste for something is. You know how passionate you can be, but can you be passionate about something (read: not someone) for the rest of your life? I kind of know the answer to this. But knowing is different from being right.

2. (How come) There are classes on writing- and they come in different styles and forms, too. If it’s storytelling, shouldn’t it be about the richness of the experience of the storyteller? More importantly, about engaging oneself or its readers? Oh, rules.

3. What is it about pioneers that excite people? Is it so highly righteous to be first if stories aren’t especially unique to begin with? Stories are stories from different places by different people, yet stringed by the same idea. More or less.

4. Ah, unending questions.

Though I may have some doubts on rules and paths, and some more doubts on classifications and hierarchy, I would love for myself to receive some writing classes.

…after I figure out what schedule would work best for the yoga classes (two months) I made my friend buy for the two us. *insert scared, excited face here*



Funny how some posts end differently than their purpose. This post was supposed to be about working hard for something and not quitting- like what the video talked about. Rather, it ended up on its subject: storytelling. I guess it’s really that. We want something, go through the process, and have an unforeseen ending.

Life Stories don’t always end the way writers initially wanted them to. I may not know the whole process of publishing a book but for sure books go through lots of editing- kind of like the editing we need, to be bestsellers in this life. Or at least, to not be that type of book that gets eaten up by dust, accumulated from years of being unused, unread, unshared.

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