The wish list! ☺

It’s past Christmas, I know! But, this is the first time I’m posting a wishlist. I have never really made one before as I got stuck in thinking of what I want and never actually made an effort to list them all down. So here I am. Posting away, and not thinking about an excuse not to. Especially since Christmas means New Year’s and it means January 11. Yes, that is my burpday!!!


(except i’m going to classify material things from the rest, in this case, this will only have the material items)

1. Nail Polish – taupe, yellow, red, clear (the strengthening one)

2. BOOKS- good grief. I want books. Old books, new books, books I’ve read. So go ahead send me that complete LOTR/HP series.🙂

3. MACbook Pro. hihihi. I’m going to put a picture because this should have been on top of my list. 13 or 15 inch would be awesome.

4. Gift cards from Macy’s, Forever21, Zara, Crabtree, Sephora,  and/or Barnes and Noble.😀

4.5 Because I’m a huge fan of food: gift cards from Auntie Anne’s, Pinkberry, Yogurtland, Eggett’s (milktea ♥), and for my coffee fix: YakiniQ or Starbucks🙂

5. DVDs. All sorts of movies would do. Series would be lovely! Star Wars, Toy Story, any!!! And  Exercise DVDs would be lovely, too. Ha!

6. Kjwan’s 1st album. If you’re feeling generous, give me all their albums. If you really, really are feeling generous then include Sandwich’s albums (yes, ALL) too. :p (Eraserheads, Franco, Sugarfree, do they ring a bell? HIHI) ANY BAND THAT PLAYS/PLAYED IN SAGUIJO. PERIOD. GET IT?😀

7. Tickets to concerts: Incubus, Bon Iver, Maroon5, The Kills, The Cults, and all the bands whose names begin in “The”🙂 Concert preferably near SF. Unless you’re granting me no. 8:

8.  A CAR. OKAY, this is unattainable. Just though it’d be nice to include an unattainable here. A nice, shiny, two-door black sedan. Preferably sportish. Hihihihi.

9. Sunsilk/CreamSilk (or any other Filipino shampoos + conditioner). Yes, I’m including things I can buy for myself. Haha.

10. Lots of winter stuff: pea coats, boots, gloves, scarves, pea coats, boots, boots, boots.😀

11. A roundtrip ticket to Virginia or MNL🙂

11 things before the 11th! ☺ Merry Christmaaaas!!!!


Bold: will be greatly appreciated.


Unorganized for the holidays,

Ellissy xx


You might want to opt for shirts/jackets/ballers from the University of the Philippines. That will be greatly appreciated, too! ♥ Cheers!!!

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  1. I really like your writing style, fantastic info , thankyou for putting up : D.

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