the 31st of December

I wish everyday was December 31st. No, this isn’t the year-ender post, because I feel like my year (every year) ends by the 10th of January.

I wish everyday was December 31st. It’s when people start feeling all good about the coming year, something extremely great to look forward to, a time when people think all the bad things that happened in the past year will be changed and forgotten. It’s that time of the year when people become their own persons, deciding that they will move on and sometimes are brave enough to move forward.

It’s when your feed’s full of well wishes for all things and people despite themselves, always looking forward, wondrously hopeful.

My December 31st consisted of going to church, just being with family, playing video games, eating in between, and driving to Twin Peaks for the fireworks. It was the most laid back New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had- the only exciting thing we did was to surprise random people by shouting “Happy New Year!” when they passed our stopped car. That kept us sane for almost an hour while waiting for the fireworks display to begin.

Nevertheless, it was the New Year’s Eve that I needed. I waited for the clock to strike 12mn on the top of the city, just staring at the overwhelmingly big the world I was stepping on and contemplating on what I meant to this world.

loved the city lights more than the fireworks

I may have not arrived at the exact answer just yet, but I’m sure I’m getting there. I am headed somewhere. I’m less scared with the idea of being vulnerable and I am more ready to take on whatever life gives me. We all are, once we decide it. 2012, let’s claim it.🙂

2011 will never be forgotten. It’s one of those memories that’ll just stay with me ’til I’m too old to remember my 1st heartbreak (if that’s possible), it’ll stay with me ’til I’m too old to get down the stairs on my own.🙂 :’)


Ellissy xx

  1. Regine said:


    • Regine said:

      Ohhh look at my icon!!!!
      Hihihihi!❤ :*

      • ellissy said:

        you seem happy, happy new year!🙂

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