On true love

So young to write about this, I may be, but today I felt like I have found the answer to what I’ve been pondering upon for quite sometime now. And by quite sometime I mean ever since I have had my first-ever crush which I suppose would be a very young age for more than 50% of my audience here. (Yourself included, probably.)

Today’s the fourteenth birthday of my late grandfather (whom I have never met, or may have but was too early on my life for me to remember) that my grandmother celebrated without him. A couple of blocks away from where I live lie hundreds, more probably thousands, of veterans and their family members who now live in peace (or so we think). I badly want to know more about this grandfather of mine, because I want to learn more interesting things about him to add to my knowledge of him pretending to be dead during the Death March in order to survive.

As I helped grandma get off the car, she held my hands and ignored how cold they were. She let me hold her sunflowers for a while as she walked, faster than other grandparents I know. She was careful not to step on other gravestones, and I could see the excitement in her eyes. I know that a prayer began after she made the sign of the cross, a prayer which ended in tears.

We were silent the whole time on the way back to her house. After she was comfortably seated on her couch appearing to watch the news, I asked her why she cried. She hesitated to answer at first and talked about the news instead, but later on gave me a brief “i can remember.”

And in between the smile on her face and the sadness in her heart, she managed to tell me that even after her other half died, she only longed for his love. Fourteen years after, despite her struggle with her physical strength, she still makes it a point to bring him sunflowers. Her sun shines forever on him.

And to you who is reading this, yes, true love exists… endures and waits.🙂

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