my year in lists

i’m pretty sure i have mentioned my love for lists a couple of times in this space, so here i am…again. but rather than talking about 2011 in general, i’m ending my year- my 20th year on this lovely, cruel, sometimes lonely, crazy planet. that’s what’s great about being born in January. you get to skip your personal resolutions the first few days of the new year because you feel like your year’s really going to start after your birthday. get it? or is it just me?

so here goes…

most played albums (in no particular order):

1. The Cults

2. Songs about Jane

3. S Marks the Spot

4. Blood Sex Sugar Magik

5. Franco

6. Familiar to Millions

most remarkable months

1. March – knew i was leaving home for sure

2. April – earned my diploma! woohoo

3. May – left uncertain

4. August – worked out of my comfort zone

5. December- 1st time to spend holidays alone, realized who my true friends are ♥

most frequently asked questions:

1. what are you doing now? (aka what’s your job, are you studying, etc)

2. when are you going home/are you going home?

3. why are you always online?

4. did/do you have a boyfriend in the PHL?

5. why don’t you do this, that, this, that…

favorite apps:


2. fb chat (not an app (yet), i know)


most worn items:

1. black cardigan

2. tights

3. pea coats

4. skirts

tv series

1. skins

2.  2 broke girls

3. modern family

4. pretty little liars

5. my all time favorite: OTH ♥

items off my bucket list

1. live away from home for at least 3 months

2. drive at least 100 miles on the freeway

3. get an unusual job

4. go to Disneyland

5. earn my Bachelor’s

favorite places:

1. saGuijo, makati

2. HandleBar, makati

3. YakiniQ, SF

4. Powell Street, SF

5. cityland, vitocruz

this year i have:

1. slept on couches more (couches > beds)

2. consumed more coffee

3. discovered that boots can take you anywhere

4. overused google maps and

5. had to speak in Spanish to help someone (read: struggled)

6. consumed more milktea than i probably should

7. spent more sleepless nights being with friends than homework

8. been offered a crab by people who were fishing at the pier because i greeted them a happy 2012

i love/i learned:

1. that true love exists

2. asking strangers for directions/not be afraid of going places alone

3. riding the bus at 1 am with only 3 other passengers who happened to be homeless

4. that my skin easily gets tanned

5. that i have a lot of family members

6. the world is both unkind and kind, depending on how you treat it

7. people come and go.

8. you can’t please everybody

9. the world is NOT small

10. applying for a job is underrated

11. that you should care for people, not things

could have not survived without:

1. prayers

2. family

3. instant noodles

4. the internet

5. supportive friends🙂

wishes for my 21st: certainty and (more) love ♥

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