blue nails and an attitude

I just hung up on a Skype call with Chloe, one of my bestfriends way back from before my teenage years. Too bad she doesn’t have a blog where I can link you (just yet, let me continue my persuasive skills…).

Early yesterday I woke up and felt an urge to paint my nails. I was bored and painting your nails (at least for me) feels more courageous. Or at least it feels like you have more edge over things. That they are easier to accomplish. I don’t know how it works for boys, though.

Of course my grandma did not approve. She’s here for a vacation and more often than not I find myself busy with answering questions from her that go around why I spend too much time on the internet, and why I paint my nails such an, according to her, ugly color like blue.

This reminded me of what Chloe and I talked about. We’re passionate enough to chase after our dreams but we all need time to decipher what we really want to achieve before we can act on them. And belief is really important. I think no one can ever go toward what s/he really wants without believing. Either believing in the ways to achieve it or simply believing that it will happen despite not knowing what it exactly is yet.

It doesn’t matter how many times we’re discouraged by more experienced people just because they failed at it – the first time. Or it’s just because we explore at different ways of thinking.

*Insert some quotes on success here*

Going back to believing, it’s not only about believing in ourselves. I guess believing in other people doesn’t hurt, too. :)

  1. ILoveBLUE said:

    Why, blue happens to be a color I couldn’t live without. You go girl! I think I’m craving for a bold mani-pedi too. :))

    Pahabol quote from a Tumblr post: “Those who are crazy enough to change the world are usually the ones who do.” And so we will😉

    Here’s to self-discovery, huge dreams and unwavering passion! I love youuu Lissyyy!!! :*

    • ellissy said:

      Aww Carolina, looks gorgeous with the lipstick!😉 We’ll have matching nails, then. Teehee!
      Really excited (and nervous), too! Can’t wait. See you🙂

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