My people of THE year. (Part 1)

Yes, it is too late for a “people-of-my-2011” sort of post but THE year I am talking about is the YEAR that was May 13, 2011 to May 13, 2012.

In no particular order:

Patrice Kaye.

Just for randomly Viber-ing me encouraging words and for trusting me with a lot of things via Skype.

Kits Relojo

A sneaky screencap via Skype

I would’ve put a photo of Ranger but I think I miss your mess more. Don’t be mad at me for putting this up. And it’s actually not messy.😉

Ms Pea

a.k.a. Paula B. For your lengthy emails and for proving to me that “people who want to stay in your life will ALWAYS find a way.”


Oh dear. I tried. For making Kits’ life hard(er than law school).


Our “friendship photo” according to Facebook.

For being my intellectual ate. For being ready to help (me) anytime. For buying a pasalubong for me from Hong Kong.😀

Chloe… for also buying me pasalubong when you were in China! Heehee. And just for being Chlong chlong!

Even the (second) most beautiful beach can’t replace my presence! BAHAHA.

and Regine. For being ready to give me life’s most wonderful advice (uuuy), all the time. For taking me to your travels by tagging me on random spaces on Facebook photos–or by writing my name on the sand.

Plus of course the whole barkada, for still including me on your overnight thingies via Skype (even if I’m so lame I miss some of them).😀

Chloe’s birthday (I attended virtually). (From left to right) Regine. Eya. Precious. Chloe. Jigs.

Eya, for replying to my endless IMs and tweets. For letting me know that you can deliver stuff to my house. Heehee. :*

Jigs. Regine. Precious. Chloe.

Precious, for giving me… (wait for link to part 2)😉

3503 + OrCom 2011 people

Ondoy 2010. Cooking pancit canton at our school’s hallway. (clockwise) Pam. Patty. Anne. Kim. Eya. Patti. Angel.

For always having wonderful, inspiring words to say to me. That even if we don’t get to talk everyday, I know nothing has changed. And nothing will. (Hopefully.)  :)

P.S. Anne, you’d make it to every people-of-the-year list I make.


For Skype-ing with me till the wee hours of the morning. For playing Balloono with me while on Skype, too. You da man.

Diane and Clairebear

DIANE. Where in the virtual world are you?! I miss my unlimited access to your screen…via Skype.

And Clairebear, thanks for showing me that Viber calls DO WORK. Also, for Viber-ing me random (but) life-changing moments such as your graduation, etc.

Also, I’d like to thank the founders of Facebook, Skype and Viber. Geez…

Denise Jannah

For pursuing your dreams! And for being a really responsible woman! Who would’ve thought you were this girl? HAHAHAHA

Kidding aside, you really inspire me. See you SOON, okay?

Janyn Joie

For letting me be myself. Harhar. For doing me favors even when you’re some 7,000 miles away. Awww. :’)

Ian Magnum

Circa 2007 (?)

Gusto ko lang tawagin kang Magnum ‘wag kang aangal. Thank you for trusting me with SO much and for my unlimited access to your Skype screen. Bwahaha.

WHEW. I have this insatiable desire of thanking people. Hence, a part 2. Wait for it.😉



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