Long distance letters (of love)


Woke up to this email the other day.

If there’s anything living fifteen hours away from home has taught me, it’s that people come and go, but:

“the people who want to stay in your life will always find a way”

In the past almost two years that I’ve been away, I’ve seen so-called friends fade into strangers. I’m glad that as I get older, life’s leaving me with the sincerest. And I know that no matter how far I may be, and how “obligatory” my greetings may sometimes seem, they’re there to stay.

Just so grateful for the friends I have–real ones.🙂 And to you dear sender, my heart will always belong to those atrocious moments we’ve shared.😉

xx ellis

  1. That is so sweet, & warm, and just shout’s at not only their need to stay in touch, but about you, and how special you just are.

    • ellissy said:

      aww thanks for your comment🙂

      • Your welcome, I’ll follow gladly, I’m trying to figure this out;)

  2. Diane Pili said:

    Miss you ellis! I’m always here! Til our next email exchange..

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