Looks can be deceiving.
Heya. Although who you see in the picture is Ellis Catherine Tan, a senior BA Organizational Communication student in graduate from the University of the Philippines- Manila, she is rarely serious and doesn’t wear glasses (yet).

She is used to be a member of Organizational Communication Society, UP AdHere  and Junior Marketing Association-UPM. Acads (?), orgs, SNS +++, take took 74.6% of her time during the weekdays – back then. Of course she only made that percentage up- she can’t really tell how much time, she hates math.

Most of the time she looks like this:

She is sweet, likes to EAT, and tweet O:)


Because much time has passed she is pressured to update this portion of her blog. Well, all you need to know are a few things:

She loves lists as much as she loves gigs (she will marry a rockstar someday), has a thing for tattoos but would not (yet) dare get one, loves counting trees on highways or freeways, animals except fish, the color pink- especially when it’s light, stepping on dead leaves, school supplies, notebooks and pens, the smell of stationery, walking at night, daydreaming with her eyes closed, knowing what’re in the bags of pretty girls, writing on her mind when traveling and thinks that a mind recorder would be great for she can’t really write as well (or so she thinks) when she’s actually typing. She’ll survive on cookies and milk but it’ll be much, much better if there were other sweets too.

Oh, she loves talking to strangers and thinks that conversations make the world go round.

She basically still is the same person in the original description, minus the long hair and the acads part.


2nd edit Feb 1, 2012

1st edit June 1, 2011.

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